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« Starbucks Invasion / At 8:30 am, on July 9, 2002, we embarked on our first premeditated and deliberate culture jam. Our target was an upcoming Starbucks Coffee, the fourth on Lincoln Road -- a 7-block pedestrian mall located in South Beach, Miami. Beyond the obvious overabundance of 4 Starbucks within 7 blocks of each other, the site was chosen because of it is a high foot-traffic area, giving us greater possibility of effect. We spray mounted the construction wall directly adjacent to the property with 11" x 17" sheets of paper – together they formed a life size (6 ft. high) silhouette of a man drinking coffee, looking at the “Brewing Soon" Starbucks sign, with a caption that reads "I love a good Starbucks invasion."

The jam was meant to instigate, to irritate, but to do so inconspicuously. The copy is mildly ironic because it mimics the expression, "I love a good cup of coffee" and loyal Starbucks patrons might not even catch the significance of the word "invasion" thinking the jam just another advertisement.
Life-size silhouette printed on 11x17 paper and spray mounted on the construction wall of a new starbucks.
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